New DNA Testing for Mycobacterium Avium Complex MAC in Miniature Schnauzers

New DNA testing scheme for Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) in Miniature Schnauzers has been approved by the Kennel Club

The Kennel Club (KC) following consultation with the Northern Schnauzer Club (NSC), Schnauzer Club of Great Britain (SCGB) and Miniature Schnauzer Club (MSC) has approved the Official DNA Testing Scheme for MAC. As a result, the KC has sent emails to all breeders of Miniature Schnauzers detailing the information.

This collaborative approach between the 3 Clubs has also led to an agreement that the Clubs recommend, in line with Dr Giger and the American Miniature Schnauzer Club‘s (AMSC) guidance that:

 All breeding dogs are DNA tested prior to mating
The reasoning behind this recommendation is that although there is common ancestry in all carriers to date, (i.e. Bandsman Newsprint and Jerry O’s Future Shock on one, or both sides of the pedigrees), potential exceptions are being investigated.
DNA-tested dogs’ results are certified ‘Normal’, ‘Carrier’ or ‘Affected’.
MAC is an autosomal recessive condition, i.e. to be ‘Affected’ with this disease, the dog has two copies of the abnormal gene (one from its mother AND one from its father). A dog that only has ONE copy of the abnormal gene, (from its mother OR father), will have no signs of the disease but, as a ‘Carrier’, may pass the gene onto any offspring. A dog DNA-tested ‘Normal’ does not have the abnormal genes for this condition.
The availability of the DNA test is therefore really good news. All caring, responsible breeders can help eradicate this disease from the breed, by having any dog or bitch DNA tested, prior to being used in a breeding programme.
DNA testing does not determine if you can breed or not, but with whom.

 Puppies from ‘Normal’ x ‘Normal’ parents will be clear;

 Puppies from ‘Normal’ x Carrier’ parents must be tested before they are used in future breeding programmes.

The DNA test (current cost US$75) is available from PennGen, University of Pennsylvania, USA and for further details and how to register go to

Swab kits are available from: or

April 2017

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